Foreigner Internship

Introducing Japanese culture experiences to foreign tourists!


We spread Japanese culture experiences and travel plans you can enjoy all over Japan to people all over the world.
【Attractive JAPAN】

“Attractive Japan” lets you reserve premium Japanese attractive cultural experiences, shows and attractions with special rates.
It helps customers from overseas to create memories of fulfilling Japanese trips.

Application Requirements
Our Mission To encourage foreigners to visit Japan and enjoy Japanese culture experiences!

1. Marketing research...
2. Sales...Make contact to foreign travel agencies and provide information suitable for them.
(Approaching/negotiating travel agencies in each country by phone or e-mail)
3. Brush-up...Visit and experience the contents and give them feedback.
4. Translating or writing of culture experiences information.
5. Organizing several information.

Requirements · More than 1 month ~ / person who can work in the office for more than 3days on weekdays.
· Communicate in Japanese with members of the company (Japanese at daily conversation level)
(There are also members who can speak English! Our approach to customers is mainly in English but internal communication is in Japanese.)
· Person who can perform basic PC operations and office work such as collecting information through Internet.
Preferences · Interested in Japanese culture experience
· Interested in tourism business
· Interested in advertising business
· Would like to experience various things such as sales PR activities and writers
· Interested in venture companies
Salary / Fringe Benefits / Perks · Transportation expenses full payment(limited in transportation in Japan).
· Participation in internal study groups.
· Career support (such as job hunting advice) available.